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Tent Camping Checklist

checklistHere is where I will post things we take on our camping trips that might come in handy for you when your family goes tent camping.

1. Tent                                13. Plastic spoon
2. Air bed                           14.  Plastic knives
3. Blankets/pillows          15.  Regular knife
4. Lantern                          16.  Regular spoons
5. Flashlights                     17.  Salt/pepper
6. Matches                          18.  Oil/Pam Spray
7. Stove                                19.  Wood
8. Pots and pans                20.  Towels
9. Coffee pot                        21.  Toiletries
10. Paper plates                  22.  Medicines
11. Paper towels                  23.  First aid kit
12. Plastic forks                   24.  Rope/

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Camping Recipes

Here is where I will post recipes that we will try while camping or would like to try.

The menu for St Joseph’s Peninsula State Park:

Saturday Supper: Hot dogs and marshmallows over fire pit.

Sunday Breakfast: Cereal bars, honey buns, pecan twirls (easy)

The menu for Florida Caverns State Park:

Friday Supper: hot dogs and smores.

Saturday Breakfast: scrambled eggs, grits, and bacon

Saturday Lunch: Sandwiches, chips, and fruit

Saturday Supper: Hamburgers, hot dogs, and chips

Sunday Breakfast: scrambled eggs, grits, and bacon

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Florida Caverns State Park, FL (5/4 – 5/5, 2012)

Florida Caverns State Park, FL

This will be our anniversary…11 years! We’ll be tent camping at the Florida caverns with the kids. Stay tuned for some awesome pictures of caves!!

Our tent camping trip started out on a good note…..we picked the kids up from school and headed to camping world to pick up a few things for our tent. Then headed to the Florida Caverns. We pitched our tent and decided to eat supper at Beef O’Brady’s since it was so late. That night I went out the van to get my kindle to read a bit before bedtime. Well, when I was coming back into the tent I tripped over the door way and fell. I bruised my right 2nd toe pretty badly. 😦 It was a rough night but I made it through the night. We packed up the tent and came home the next day. Hubby took me to urgent care once we got home. The doctor said it was broken and I was to stay off of it for 4 – 6 weeks so that it would heal.


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Hubby and I have been married for almost 11 years. We have two kids ages 6 and 8. We live in sunny Florida. This is where we will share our many adventures of tent camping as a family. So please check in often to find out where we have been on our adventure.

For our anniversary which is May 5, hubby bought me an early present…this Alpine tent that sleeps 8 and has a screen porch. I’m so excited and can’t wait to use it next weekend (April 28) for the first time!!!

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