A surprise trip for the kiddos!

August 2 – 5, 2012

We took the kids to see The Wiggles in Jacksonville, FL. Three of The Wiggles are retiring this year and we all wanted to see them one last time. Mainly it was for mommy and daddy. Emily loved the concert and got to high 5 Murray Wiggle (red one). Will could care less about it. I guess my baby is growing up. LOL

After the concert we told them that we were going to Wild Adventures which is in Valdosta Georgia and we have season passes for. The concert was over by 8 pm that evening and we ended up driving down to Daytona, FL. The kids had no clue where we were headed because it was dark and raining that evening. We stayed at a hotel in Daytona for the night and got up really early and headed for Orlando, FL. We were surprising the kids and taking them to Legoland Florida!!! My son has always wanted to go there and it was pretty close to his birthday so this made a nice surprise birthday present for him. They had no clue!!!! We passed signs for Disney World and the kids did not say anything! Finally my son noticed a lego sign. My hubby finally told them where we were headed when we passed a sign that was 4 miles to Legoland. LOL They started screaming and getting really excited over it.
Friday, we spent the day at Legoland and it was so hot! Never go in August!!! The kids had a blast tho! We also went shopping at Ikea and ate at the Cheesecake Factory too.

Hope you all enjoy the pictures…


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